Sample walk: Cassiobury + round Watford (2 hours)

To make it easier to print, neatly formatted so that you can’t possibly get lost, download this walk in pdf format: click here.

This walk takes you the length of Cassiobury Park through the conservation area (western edge) then, eventually, through woodland that is soon to be cut down to make way for houses and shops, and the semi-rural Cardiff Road Industrial estate that will be sealed off next month and become a building site (so enjoy this walk while you can); then through the very middle of Watford and back into the park from the north (Rickmansworth Road entrance). The entire two hour walk involves 4mns of main roads as you leave the park + 1mn of main road half way through + 4mns of main road before you re-enter the park –  apart from that, there are no main roads at all!

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