Where to buy Cassiobury Walks by Raffi Katz, ISBN 978-0-9512095-4-7

Local stockists (as of November 2018 all of them have books in stock).

Waterstones WD17 2BJ, 122 High Street, is near the bottom of the high street almost opposite the entrance (original main entrance) to Intu. The books are just to the left of the entrance under ‘books of local interest’.

Pond Newsagent WD17 1NA, is at the top of High Street, by the ponds at Rickmansworth Road.
The books are on a high shelf just to the right of the till, but behind the counter…and out of sight. And the owner wonders why he doesn’t sell many! Please ask at the till.

Cha café WD18 7HY, in the park by the Shepherds Road entrance, a 4mn walk from Watford Station (London Transport, Metropolitan Line). There isn’t always a copy on display (I think customers keep buying the display copy) so if you can’t see them, ask.

Rhubarb Café WD17 3AJ, Cassiobury Drive, at the roundabout on Langley Way. They’re  on a shelf to the left of the door.

Watford Museum WD17 2DT, at the bottom of the High Street, 90 paces South of Watford High Street Station. They are with all the other books but they are not very well displayed, keep looking…or ask at the counter.