National Waterway Canal Festival at Cassiobury Park

My last post, on Tuesday, referred to the National Canal Festival. It’s correct name is: IWA National Festival 2013 at Cassiobury Park on the Grand Union Canal in Watford.  Some of their posters are headed IWA National Festival, and some refer to it as The Waterways Festival 2013.

The IWA (Inland Waterways Association) is a charity and pressure group that, “advocates the conservation, use, maintenance, restoration and development of the inland waterways for public benefit”, they do a huge amount of work from renovating canals to liaising with government.

The IWA is not to be confused with the Canal and River Trust who ‘own’ the canals in England and Wales, it has annual funding of £33 million and assets of £590 million. You may remember its predecessor British Waterways before Scotland split away and became the Scottish Waterways Trust .

Latest in Cassiobury Park parking as of today Friday 12 July:  the car park in the park is closed, an area from  the car park to the playground is fenced off; eight large marquees are under construction, complete with walls and doors, it looks as if this event is going to be HUGE!